New Conference!

The NSF is funding a new Validity Evidence for Measurement in Mathematics Education (V-M2Ed) conference in San Antonio, TX. The conference will run April 2-3, 2017.

Thank you to all who applied for the conference! The participants have been selected, stipends have been made available, and the agenda is set.


We're compiling useful resources during 2016-2017. As a start, you may want to start with:

Minner, D., Martinez, A., & Freeman, B. (2013). Compendium of Research Instruments for STEM Education, Part 1: Teacher Practices, PCK and Content Knowledge with Addendum.

Working Group at PME-NA 2016

Thank you to all who joined us for our working group meeting at the 2016 PME-NA conference. Please join us, or view the documents from the session.

What is MiME?

The primary goal of this group is to bring together scholars with an interest in examining the research on quantitative tools and measures for gathering meaningful data, and to spark conversations and collaboration across individuals and groups with an interest in synthesizing the literature on large-scale tools used to measure student- and teacher-related outcomes.

We aim to build this into a long-range project, and are actively seeking collaborators. Please reach out to learn more, share ideas, and contribute to the work.

V2MED Conference in San Antonio, April 2017
V2MED Conference in San Antonio, April 2017

Join the Group!

This will be some information on how you can get involved.